Lake of Arsié or Lake of the Corlo

The Lake of Arsié lies at the south western entry of the province, and is also known as Lake of the Corlo. It is an artificial lake that took shape from the barrier on the river Cismon. It has a stretch of plain bank, with a shore of about 200 m at La Stua.

The lake, with its elongated and irregular shape, lies south east of Arsiè, as far as Rocca, a little hamlet that in 1954 had been almost completely flooded by the construction of the dam. Today there are a little group of houses and the church to testimony the existence of the old hamlet. Opposite Rocca there is a dirty road that crosses the wonderful creek in the varied sedimentary rocks and then a suspension bridge on steel ropes.

Those who love walking should not miss the lakeside walk. This is a circular walk starting from the hamlet of Rocca and taking about 3 hours. The path around the lake is also accessible by mountain bike.

During the summer, you can sunbathe, fish or enjoy a picnic in the open air near the lake.

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