Irrigation channel paths near Merano

In the environs of Merano you can find a thick web of paths going along the waterways. These paths were created in the 13th century by the peasants who built an imposing irrigation channel system with the aim of protecting their harvest from drought. Waters were channeled from the rivers and streams to the most dry places.

These channels are a living monument to the work of peasants, and most of them are still working. The inhabitants call them "Waal", and the paths going along them, which were formerly used to check the regular water flow and to maintain the channel, are called Waalwege.

Nowadays the Waalwege paths are used by tourists, since they offer many kilometers for beautiful walks (round fifty in the environs of Merano). Since they are mainly level, they are ideal for families and for all those wanting to have easy walks. Along them you can find many restaurants, inns and taverns offering typical dishes and tasty snacks.

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