The Marmolada Museum of the Great War

The Museum of the Great war was inaugurated on the 9th June 1990 in the Serauta cableway station, close to the "monumental area". Nowadays, the visitors can admire a magnificent exhibition, including a lot of findings and documents dating back to the war period - many of them where found in the surroundings. Many people worked at the setting up and opening of the Museum; we mention Dott. Mario Bartoli, Intendant of the Museum, the "Tofana-Marmolada Cableways Association" and the General Commissariat for the War Fallen.

The Museum can be visited in the period in which the cableway is open, and admission is free. It is set in a place which had been the scene of cruel fights between Italians and Austrians. From the wide windows it is still possible to see the placing of the two armies.

This museum is unique in its genre for three reasons:
1) It is the highest museum in Europe beacause it lies at an altitude of 2950 metres at the edge of the glacier in the middle of the fighting scene;
2) the setting reminds not only the men who fought in the Marmolada but also all those who fought in high mountain;
3) it reminds and pays honour to all the men who suffered for the survival on the glacier and among the rocks in the Marmolada, setting aside their political ideology and nationality.

The museum keeps 450 findings among which small arms, uniforms, personal belongings, objects used on the operation site, letters, documents, photos which belonged both to Italian and Austrian soldiers.
Moreover, we wish to remind you that, at the arrival station of the cableway that connects Capanna Bill to Padon, there is a small but well fitted-out museum containing further war findings.

Cable car timetable

17 June - 17 September 2023: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (last descent from Punta Rocca)

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