The südtirol festival merano.meran

Event date from: 16-08-2022 to: 21-09-2022

From 16 August to 21 September 2022, world-famous musicians will be performing at Merano's Kursaal during the Merano Music Weeks, the most important classical music festival in Europe, which will feature a rich programme of classical music concerts, chamber music and musical cross-overs.

In addition to the traditional venue, the Kursaal, the concerts of the Merano Music Weeks will take place at other exclusive venues: the Puccini Theatre, the cathedral, Piazza Terme, Tyrol Castle, Juval Castle and the Pavillon des Fleurs.

In addition to Merano, the concerts will also take place in the parish church of Lana, the parish church of San Leonardo in Passiria, the parish church of Marlengo, in Prissiano - Katzenzungen Castle and in Cermes - Baslan Castle. 

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