South Mario Zandonella route, north Croda Rossa route



Max. altitude: 2936 m.
Difficulty:Zandonella sud: difficultSentiero attrezzato nord: not difficult but long
Departure: S.Stefano di Cadore along the S.S. 52 highroad, Passo Monte Croce di Comelico and Sesto Pusteria.
Support points: Rifugio Berti, Rifugio Carducci.
Difference in height: from rifugio Berti to Croda rossa about 1000 m.From Passo della Sentinella about 400 m.
Duration: about 8.30/9.00 hours    
Notes: Wonderful route, alomst binding, which can be linked to the Popera ring.  

From Passo della Sentinella descend along the Vallon Popera as far as you will find the signs to the Ferrata. The itinerary is narrow and steep and leads to 2800 m, where there is an Italian position of the Battaglione Fenestrelle. Pass it and climb as far as the top ridge (2936 m).
The descent is along the equipped path on the northern slope (Pusteria). Descend along a normal path, partially equipped as far as the plateau of the meadows of Croda Rossa from where you can descend to Moso (Sesto Pusteria) by chairlift.