Star village in Collepietra and Planetarium

At an altitude of 823 m in the municipality of Cornedo, above the village of Collepietra in Val d'Ega (BZ), is Europe's first and only Astrovillage. Thanks to its strategic location on the sunny plateau of the Val d'Ega, the science park enjoys a fantastic view of the starry sky of South Tyrol. Here you can visit the Max Valier Astronomical Observatory with its 80-cm-diameter Cassengrai telescope; the dome with the Peter Anich Solar Observatory; and the Planet Path (always accessible), which highlights the magnitudes, diameters and relationships of the bodies of the solar system. Also along the path, it is possible to study the dimensions of the planets and the distances of the planetary stations, for which a 1:1 billion scale ratio was used; the sundial, a globe with reliefs of the Earth's surface, made of marble, which allows the study of the Earth's axis, the equator, the seasons, the markers, the transition from day to night, the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn.

Max Valier Astronomical Observatory

The only observatory in South Tyrol is located at San Valentino in Campo di Sopra and is run by the Max Valier amateur astronomers' association. Interesting guided tours take place every Thursday evening throughout the year. (Reservation recommended).

Peter Anich Solar Observatory

This observatory also offers guided tours to observe the sun and everything related to astronomy. To secure a visit, reservations must be made at the Planetarium South Tyrol.

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