Climbing in the Dolomites Bellunese

A short and modest practice wall for the training periods is that of "sassi delle Masière" of Mas, with different difficulties. Here there is also a boulder area. It is not so attended and the position is nice and suggestive.

> Gusèla del Vescovà, 40 m high, is always a little IVth degree classic way;
> Well known is "Spigolo del Dottoròn" on the Seconda Pala del Balcòn, III+;
> Advisable is the Goedeke on the Terza Pala (Anticima), IV, or the NW wall of Schiara, Via Sommavilla, IV- or, moreover, the short Campanile Andrich along the Normal Way, III;
> On the Rif. Bianchèt slope, reachable from Val Vescovà, we only recall Via Gianneselli-Carlin on Nasòn, V.

Hotel Bellunese and environs