Tenno: castle, lake and Varone falls

Tenno is a tourist town located north of Riva del Garda, in Trentino, where valleys meet, surrounded by mountains. This area, where the mild Mediterranean and cool Alpine climates blend, is perfect for mountain biking. Local history has left a tangible mark on the land with the imposing 12 century Tenno Castle, but on the territory there are also some striking natural treasures such as Lake Tenno and the charming Varone falls. Many are the interesting events organized during the year.

From an historical point of view, the village hides ancient traces of local tradition, going back to the Roman, Barbarian and Bronze periods, and the different hamlets all kept their original structure. Of special interest is the Tenno Castle, dating back to the 12 century and located in a strategic position on the top of a rocky cliff overlooking all the accesses of the Giudicarie valleys. Local culture is fully expressed in the Casa degli Artisti "Giacomo Vittone". This important cultural center rising in the nearby hamlet of Canale is known at an international level, hosts exhibitions dedicated to past and present painters, and organizes meetings, events, and summer classes.

The mild climate of Tenno is perfect for easy mountain biking tours for most of the year, and the territory boasts some exceptionally beautiful natural treasures, such as the biotope of Tenno Lake , one of the most unpolluted expanses of water in Italy. The lake is considered a natural wonder of the Trentino region, thanks to the deep blue and turquoise hues of its waters. Besides, this quiet lake is perfect for relaxation. Only a few km away, the waters of the lake form the Varone falls, with an impressive drop of almost 90 meters. You can admire the fall from two panoramic viewpoints: the Grotta Inferiore (lower cave) at the end of the waterfall, and the Grotta Superiore (upper cave), 40 meters higher, from where you have a view of the waterfall in all its powerful glory.

Among the most relevant events taking place in Tenno during the year: Rustico Medioevo (Rural Middle Age), a 9 day event taking place in August, with traditional costume shows, music and local specialties; the traditional Festa dei Marroni (Sweet Chestnut Fair), taking place in October, with markets, music and tasting of local products; and Natale a Tenno (Christmas in Tenno) with exhibitions, markets and shows, from December to Epiphany.

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