Cimolais is a small municipality located in the western part of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the province of Pordenone. A typical mountain resort surrounded by some of the most stunning peaks of the Dolomites, such as the " Campanile di Val Montanaia " (which literally means " the bell tower of the Montanaia valley " as its singular form remembers in some way this kind of construction), as well as base and center of the nature reserve of the Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane. The location of this village is ideal for those who love to venture into exciting walking routes and to practice cross country skiing. The cultural aspect of this town is highlighted by the various churches scattered on its territory, and by the Visitor Center. Moreover, Cimolais organizes several traditional and sport events.

The small hamlet Cimolais is a notable tourist attraction thanks to the large presence of natural features distributed on the territory, underlined by some of the most charming peaks of the Dolomites which surround the area, among which you can admire the Campanile di Val Montanaia (the outstanding rock formation of the Montanaia valley), the Mount Duranno and the Cima dei Preti. Another notable aspect of this area is the nature reserve of the Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane, which has set up its seat and center right in Cimolais, creating a perfect location for walks immersed in the unspoilt nature of these large valleys, without the presence of any kind of built-up areas, and giving visitors the opportunity to observe the local fauna, such as deer and chamois.

This remarkable nature allows to practice several sports all over the year, from the numerous possibilities for walking tours or mountain biking in spring and summer, among which noteworthy are the fitness trail called " Pista del Signour " and the tracks leading to mountain summer pastures and refuges, to the uplift facilities placed in the Prada area and also the cross country ski trails for experts and beginners during the winter season.

Not to miss is also the practice wall Roccia del Compol dedicated to those who love rock climbing.

From the viewpoint of history and culture the resort presents various interesting aspects, starting from its houses and streets made of stones which highlight the rural and simple character of this place, to the Parish Church which holds wooden altars of the seventeenth century, and the typical alpine small churches distributed on the territory. Noteworthy is also the Visitor Center placed in town, a museum which is divided into four main areas, completely dedicated to the fauna of the nature reserve, with a dynamic and interactive floor allowing visitors to interact with the background pictures.

Cimolais hosts also some interesting events: the " Cimoliana ", which is a foot race held on the second Sunday of July allowing everyone to discover the beautiful landscapes of this valley; and the " Montagna di gusti ", a characteristic festival held on the third Sunday of September which is dedicated to the typical food of the Dolomites and the local traditions of autumn.

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Protected area of Province of Udine and Pordenone

Regional Park Dolomiti Friulane, kmq 500
State Reserve of Prescudin, kmq 15

Flora and fauna of the Friuli Dolomites Nature Park

The Park is peopled by chamois, roe deer, marmots, stags, wood-grouses and a big colony of ibex. The presence of the golden eagle is a sign of the good health of the park and of its rich fauna.

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