Holidays on the Dolomites between Art and Culture

Not only mountains in the Dolomites! Among valleys and slopes art, culture and alpine architecture are globally recognized. Thanks to its fame, many films were shot that still are reproduced in theaters. Great Dolomite climbers who survived extreme situations, have written of their experiences: books about adventures, unique fears and experiences. Unfortunately, history in the Dolomites, also means the Great War: many soldiers died to protect their homeland of which, today, you can admire the many testimonies, between history and tradition, on mountain tops


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111 peaks around Cortina, a hiking guide

Idea Montagna publishing has issued a new hiking guide dedicated to all those who love hiking, also at high altitude: 111 cime attorno a Cortina, a selection of hiking trails written down by Ernesto Majoni,...

Legend of the Agordo lake

A legend tells that the basin on which Agordo rises was once full of water. Two parents watched helplessly as Agordo, their son, slipped into the lake, and thus summoned Saint Martin, who unsheathed his sword and hit...

Auronzo and the Somadida Forest

Like many other places in the province of Belluno, Auronzo was ruled by the Serenissima (Republic of Venice), which exploited the Somadida Forest as a reserve of high-quality wood for the Arsenal. The...