Via ferrata of the trenches

An easy trail leads in a few minutes from Porta Vescovo to the departure point of this mountaineering route. The "Ferrata delle Trincee" immediately demands commitment and good skills in order to climb the initial wall. Subsequently, the route is characterized by a series of ups and downs along the Padon Pass crest. Suggestive scenery!

Indeed, you can still see the ruins of military settlements of World War I: the precinct of a kitchen, wrecked walls and remains that evoke cruel fighting. Now you get to the eastern end of the range; if you turn left, you reach a pass. Continue westward: Porta Vescovo is not far.

Max. altitude: 2,727 m
Departure: Arabba - Porta Vescovo (1,600 m), main road SS 48.
Possible stops: Arabba Porta Vescovo cableway uphill stop. 
Differences in height: 250 m
Time: 2.30 hours.

Difficulty: Difficult
Max Altitude: 2727
Duration: 04:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 250 m

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