Frisanco is a municipality in the province of Pordenone, surrounded by the imposing Carnian Prealps, and is included in the nature reserve Parco Naturale Regionale delle Dolomiti Friulane. It features one of Italy's most beautiful hamlets, Poffabro, and is the main center of the Val Colvera valley, home of ancient artisan traditions.

The municipality of Frisanco includes several hamlets, with their distinctive wood and stone architecture, which is the main aesthetical feature of the valley, a feature that survived even the landslides of 1976. Its administrative division Poffabro is included among the most beautiful hamlets of Italy: painter Armando Pizzinato described it as "the most rational and original example of spontaneous architecture in our Prealps". The stone houses with wood landings, the arches and porticoes have that humble simplicity that fits so well into the natural environment.

The territory of Frisanco, included in the nature reserve Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane, is crossed by trails that lead you to explore its natural wonders: from the tree-covered hills scattered with rural hamlets up to the scree and imposing peaks of the Raut. This mountain offers many hiking and mountain biking trails, climbing up to mountain farms and pastures. One of the most interesting trails is the one taking to the Giulia spring, once renowned for the beneficial effects of its waters.

Traditions and cuisine of the hamlets of Val Colvera are presented every September during the event Paesi Aperti, when Frisanco and the near municipality of Andreis open their houses and courtyards for tasting events dedicated to old traditional recipes.
If you love art and culture don't miss the exhibition "Da Li Mans Carlin", at the town hall. The miniatures on show, made by Carlin in thirty years of meticulous work, represent tools and buildings of the ancient rural life, now disappeared, of Val Colvera.
Worth a visit are also the Chiesa di San Nicolò in Poffabro, the 15 century oratory of San Floriano, the Chiesa della Madonna della Stangada (19 century), and the sanctuary of Santa Maria Salus Infirmorum (19 century) on Pian delle Merìe.

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Protected area of Province of Udine and Pordenone

Regional Park Dolomiti Friulane, kmq 500
State Reserve of Prescudin, kmq 15