Holidays in Badia: ski and trekking

Badia is a tourist resort located in Alta Badia, at the border with the Veneto region, comprising the administrative divisions of San Leonardo, San Cassiano, Pedraces and La Villa. The nature reserves of Fanes-Senes-Braies and Puez-Odle offer wonderful trekking trails in breathtaking landscapes. There are also many cultural attractions, like churches and sanctuaries, whereas the area is perfect for skiing and climbing.

Badia is a village of Alta Badia, and the ideal destination for all those who love nature and trekking. The Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park is one of the largest of South Tyrol and presents a peculiar feature: the karst phenomenon, a natural process of water erosion modeling the territory into the distinctive karst landforms. The Puez-Odle Nature Park stretches between Alta Badia and Val Gardena, in the north-western section of the Dolomites, and around the Odle mountain group. This wonderful territory presents all the characteristics and colors typical of the Dolomites.

The nature trail called Larch Trail, running above the administrative division of San Cassiano and at the foot of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park, connects the traditional farmhouses Rüdeferia and Rü. Along the trail there are 7 stops where visitors can gain information on the different animal and plant species of the park.

Worth a visit are also the Paraciora - Sompunt deer park, where you can see several wild and domestic deer, and the Sompunt Lake, at an altitude of 1460 meters.

In the territory of Badia and its surroundings you can practice a lot of outdoor sports. Imposing peaks such as Lagazuoi, Conturines, La Varela, Santa Croce and Gardenaccia are a true paradise for expert climbers, and if you love winter sports, in the ski centers of Alta Badia and Sellaronda, in Corvara, you can practice, besides classic disciplines such as skiing and snowboarding, also ski mountaineering, winter trekking and sledding.

In summer the broad meadows are ideal for trekking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Among the cultural attractions: the Santa Croce Sanctuary, a church dating back to the XV century located at an altitude of 2000 meters at the foot of the Croda di Santa Croce. Nowadays the church is still a pilgrimage destination, and you can reach it from the administrative division of San Leonardo, on foot or by chairlift; the parish church of Saint Leonard in baroque-rococo style; the Ladin Bear Museum in San Cassiano, displaying bear fossil bones found in a cave of Conturines and giving interesting information on the origins of the Dolomites; the archaeological excavations of Sotciastel with evidence of human settlement dating back to Mesolithic and to the Bronze Age.

Among the events: Saint Leonard's Ride, a festival for horses and riders dedicated to the saint and featuring representatives of the Ladin valleys dressed in traditional costumes; the Tour de Sas, an international ski mountaineering competition taking place in February.

Pedraces: the pleasure of a family holiday

Pedraces is a small village lying at the foot of Sasso S. Croce and surrounded by green meadows and woods: with such a landscape there can be no scope for stress! Due to its peacefulness, this place is ideal for a holiday with children, and often it is possible to find an accommodation at really favourable prices. This area was inhabited since time immemorial, as it is proved by the roman findings which were found in Ciastèl and Sotciastèl.

Worshippers, but also arts lovers, should absolutely visit the small church of the Holy Cross - built in the 16th century, which is still the destination of pilgrimages coming from the surroundings villages. In the area you can also admire many traditional farmhouses (masi) which have perfectly preserved the traditional architecture.

Besides the summer walks and hikes, Pedraces offers excellent opportunities for winter tourists: it allows to reach comfortably the modern ski area Alta Badia, as well as the famous Sellaronda ski tour.

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