Vie ferrate

Via Ferrata Ivano Dibona in the Cortina Dolomites


Degree MD = meduim

Height difference:

1800 m



Max altitude:

2985 m


Via ferrata Ivano Dibona in Cortina d'Ampezzo - UNESCO Dolomites

This mountaineering route unwinds along the ridge leading to Val di Landro, after a very short ascent from Forcella Staunies. Notwithstanding various ups and downs, the route has a descending course. The highest point is situated at 2985 m of altitude. After that, you descend by means of exposed fixings to Forcella Grande, where you come across the first remarkable ruins of the fortifications built by Italian Alpini in 1915/18. The Dibona track continues northwestward, along the ridge. Beyond Cresta Bianca, you get to Forcella Padeòn (2760 m). There, an emergency shelter is located in the formerly hut/headquarter of Major Carlo Buffa, who was in charge of front operations. Beyond the Forcella Padeòn, the Col Pistone and the Vecio del Forame, where the ledges are only partially equipped, you get to Forcella Alta (2640 m). From there, you descend southward along a scree slope to Forcella Bassa. Again northwestward: a rather difficult route takes to Cresta Zurlon, where other wartime ruins are visible. Continuing along the ridge, you reach Col dei Stombi (2168 m), from where you descend along the old military mule track that takes to the Val Grande. Ospitale is nearby, along the main road n.51.

Max.altitude: 2985 m   
Difficulty: average   
Departure: Cortina d'Ampezzo (1210 m), Alemagna main road.         
Possible stops: Lorenzi Hut (2932 m), at the Rio Gere uphill cableway/chairlift station, at Forcella Staunies (2918 m) between Cristallo and Cristallino.
Differences in height: about 1500 m (descent) between Forcella Staunies and Ospitale. 
Time: 8 hours (Forcella Staunies - Ospitale).