Sappada Carnival

Event date from: 09-02-2020 to: 25-02-2020

The Carnival of Sappada takes place between February and March and is an important social event for all the locals, so much that the making of wood masks is a true art and craftsmanship often handed down from father to son. This year the Carnival takes place from 09 to 25 February 2020.

The celebrations last for several days. On the three Sundays preceding Lent, people dress up to represent the three classes in which the ancient society of Sappada was divided: the poor in the humble masks of the Pettlàr Sunntach, the peasant of the Paurn Sunntach, and the rich in the elegant customs of the Hearn Sunntach.

Another character is present during these three Sundays: the Rollàte, the typical Carnival character of Sappada and symbol of the town, a wood mask representing a man with moustache and a custom made of a hooded coat of dark fur and large striped trousers. The Rollàte wears a wide belt with big copper bells (rolln, from which the Rollàte takes its name) and brandishes a broom to scare away the kids.

Other important days in the Carnival of Sappada are Lundi Gras (vress Montach), dedicated to the Rollàte, and Mardi Gras (Spaib Ertach), when the masquerade on skis takes place.

Sappada Carnival 2020: programm

Sunday, February 09 2020
Sunday of the Poor - Potter Suntech - in Borgata Cima Sappada

Sunday, February 16 2020
Sunday Peasants - Paurn Sunntach - and carving of masks with Mascherai Alpini in Borgata Kratten.

Thursday, February 20 2020
Fat Thursday - Vaastign Pfinzntòk - Rollate parade along the streets of the town
Tournament masked scopone on Ice at the Pattinaggio Dolomiti in Borgata Palù

Sunday, February 23 2020
Sunday the Lords - Hearn Suntach - in Borgata Granvilla

Monday, February 24 2020
Monday Gras - Vrèss Montach - Masks of Rollate along the streets of the town in the afternoon.

Tuesday, February  25 2020
Mardi Gras - Schpaib Ertach - No Club - Race masked skiing for children and adults