Mountain Bike Itineraries in Pinè Plateau- Valle di Cembra


24 km

Height difference:

540 m



Discovering Segonzano Pyramids

Staring point: Baselga
Arrival: Baselga
Lenght: km. 24
Difference in height: 540  

You leave at Baselga near the Pinè Cembra Apt and you run along the Lago delle Piazze. From here you enter the main road and, once in Bedollo you follow the E5 itinerary. In Quaras, continue for about one hundred metres till the road that offers you a wonderful sight on the Valle di Cembra. Continue till Segonzano where you can admire its famous Pyramids. From here continue towards Val Regnana which connect the valley to Piné plateau. Go uphill the Valle dei Mulini till the Cascata del Lupo (the wolf waterfall). One last effort and you will reach Piazze and then be back to Baselga.

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