Dolomiti Superbike

The starting, as well as arriving, point of the event is the main square of Villabassa. It takes place every year on July. The route (113 km long, height difference 3,357 m) initially goes uphill for a short stretch (about 400 m) on asphalt leading to an "Observation-post" ("Aussichtswarte"); taking the trail that winds through the mountain slopes, one reaches then the locality San Silvestro (1800 above sea-level).From here, after a short but demanding descent, one gets to San Candido, where the first refreshment station will be prepared.

Once recovered all strength and energy, one sets out for Monte Castello and subsequently Monte Elmo (about 600 m height difference). After the crossroads towards "Cappella del Bosco" (Wood Chapel), one rides across the entire valley of Sesto as far as Negerdorf. One descends through the "Saumhad" and gets to the second refreshment station in Sesto.

The route proceeds, first on plain and then ascending, towards Baranci chair-lift (about 300 m height difference). One rides on towards Valle di Ledro (Ledro Valley) until one reaches Prato Piazza (2000 m above sea-level, about 700 height difference). After the last short ascending stretch, one covers the last 13 km leading to the square of Villabassa.

Hotel Villabassa and environs