Weingut Lentsch

Klaus Lentsch, scion of an old-established South Tyrolean winemaking family, decided to take a new path in 2008 and has been producing typical wines for the region ever since. Bachgart, Fuchslahn and Eichberg are the historical vineyards he can call his own. Discover the variety of tastes of the cru wines from the Eisack valley, the fresh white wines from the Überetsch and the strong reds from the porphyry slopes in the lowlands. Thanks to the most modern cellar technology, the mechanical processing can be carried out as gently as possible. Gentle pressing of the grapes and the subsequent gentle fermentation process transform the grapes from must into young wine. With muse and above all time during the ripening in the cellar, the harmonious wines of Klaus Lentsch are created in inox and wooden barrels.