Holiday in the wonderful rivers, waterfalls and lakes of the Dolomites

In the Dolomites rivers like the Adige and the Piave (historically called the Piave, feminine) bud. These rivers have been the main characters during the First World War and still today you can find testaments and relics. Also the lakes of Dolomites are so important: Sorapiss, Braies and Carezza are some of the most beautiful lakes. Holiday in the Dolomites enriches of adventures in the nature seeking out the waterfalls on the dolomite rocks.



Lake of Covel

The lake Covel is what remains of an ancient lake, now became prairie and marsh. It lies in a wonderful valley, in the Stelvio National Park, at 1850 m, near the homonymous waterfall and the Malga. The surrounding...

Garda Lake

The main characteristic of Garda Lake is certainly the climate that, deeply influenced by the Presence of the lake, is typically Mediterranean and has mild winter temperatures.
The delightful climatic situation,...

The origin of Trentino Lakes

Trentino Lakes has been considered a little ocean in the heart of the Dolomites.
The origin of these basins, which represented an oasis in a desert of rocks for hunters, is in the Quaternary Galciation...