Misurina Lake

Misurina Lake lies at the top of the Misurina saddle, the watershed between the Adige and Piave rivers, where a small village of hotels and tourist facilities has been built, on the Dolomites' state road 48 bis, just 12 km from Cortina d'Ampezzo. It is the largest natural lake in Cadore.

The lake lies at 1756 m above sea level and is known not only for its enchantment, but also for the therapeutic properties it offers thanks to its particularly healthy microclimate. The name of this lake derives from the expression "meso ai rin", which literally means "in the middle of the streams", since in the past it was believed that the Piave and the Adige originated from Lake Misurina.

The panorama all around is simply unique: you can admire the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites, such as the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Sorapiss, the Cadini and the Cristallo. It is a popular destination for hikers in both summer and winter.

Excursions from Misurina Lake

From Misurina Lake to Col de Varda and Città di Carpi Hut
Hours: 2 hours from the Col de Varda valley station
You can leave on foot from the Misurina ski lifts or take the chairlift, when it is open, up to the Col de Varda hut following path 120. The refuge is the starting point for vie ferrate, traverses and high routes in the Cadini Group.

From Misurina Lake to Val Popèna Alta
Hours: 4 one way
Starting from the southern end of the lake, go up until you join path 224. After a few twists and turns, an unmarked branch-off leads to the right to the base of the Giuglia De Amicis. At the fork, go right up to the saddle where you enter Val Popena. Along path 222 you reach the Sella di Popena, from which you can descend along the entire valley, as far as the Alemagna state road, or you can descend southwards, leaving path 222 behind and taking a left turn, heading in the direction of Misurina. You join path 224 again and return to the casera and Misurina.

From Pian degli Spiriti to Fonda Savio Hut and Forcella del Diavolo
Hours: 3.30 a/r 
From Misurina, drive up to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and turn right in the direction of Fonda Savio Hut. Leave your car here and continue to Pian degli Spiriti. The little road ends and continue towards the valley: walk along the southern walls of the Cadin dei Tocci peaks to the Fratelli Fonda Savio hut. From the hut, descend along path 117 and then climb up to the Forcella del Diavolo (2380m). Now descend on the opposite side: at the end of the gully you will come out at the bottom of Cadin del Nevaio. Here, keep to the right and descend along path 118 as far as the ski slope: follow it and take the cart track that leads directly to Plan degli Spiriti. From here it is a short walk to the car.

Sentiero Bonacossa (traverse from the N to the S of the Cadini)
Hours: 4-5
Partly equipped path that connects the Auronzo Hut with the Fonda Savio hut and Col de Varda. A sure footing is necessary. From the Auronzo hut, which can be reached from Misurina, southwards, a path leads to the saddle where the war path begins, which climbs towards Monte Campedelle, up to a 30 metre tunnel. From here the narrow path descends to a cave, from where there is a metal ladder that you descend. It then climbs back up to the Forcella Cadin di Rinbianco pass. From here the path continues under the Wundt Tower to the Fonda Savio hut and from here into the Cadin dei Tocci; with a series of serpentines you climb up to the Forcella del Diavolo. Descend into the Cadìn de la Neve and take the obvious path that leads to the Forcella Misurina. Descend in the direction of the Col de Varda hut; from here take the chairlift to Misurina.

Hotel Misurina and environs