Lake of Antorno

The Antorno Lake lies in a valley along the road which climbs from Misurina to the Tre Croci di Lavaredo. It can be visited during a journey to the Cadini or in Val Rinbianco. For example, if you want to reach the "Bonacossa path" at Forcella di Rinbianco, past the lake, you will simply enter the path 101-119, and in less than an hour you will climb to the Forcella.

Antorno lake and Un passo dal cielo

Lake Antorno appeared on the screen in the 5th season of "Un passo dal cielo" (One step from heaven), which enchanted us with its wonderful view of the south faces of the Three Peaks.

Antorno lake in summer

In summer the lake is the starting point for numerous hikes, such as to the Rin Bianco hut, the Fonda Savio hut or the Auronzo hut at the foot of the Three Peaks. It is also possible to go sport fishing at Lake Antorno.

Antorno lake in winter

Lake Antorno is particularly appreciated in winter by families with children and by those who love snowshoeing. A snowmobile ride up to the Three Peaks on a 2 km route is a must. The return journey can be made on foot or by toboggan. However, it is with a snowshoe hike that you can enjoy the beautiful winter landscape around Lake Antorno and the breathtaking view of the Tre Cime.

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