Val Canali: Welsperg lake

Welsperg lake is located in Val Canali and can be reached on foot from Tonadico. Park your car at the former church of S. Giacomo on the road to Passo Cereda.

From the car park, walk up a small road to the church of S. Vittore with a beautiful view of the Primiero area. To the left, follow the signs of a white arrow in a red field (Sentiero Tonadico- Cimerlo, of which we will only cover a section) as far as the Torrente Canali. Cross the wooden bridge and, passing by the chapel dedicated to the Madonna della Luce, climb up to the small Welsperg lake (1020m), touching the slopes of Castel Pietra. Continue along the same path and in 15 minutes you will reach the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Park Museum. Return along the same road.

Alternatively, you can park at the Cant de Gal restaurant and start the hike from there. 

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7 km
Duration: 02:50 hours
Difference in altitude: 280 m

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