Val Canali: Lake Welsperg

The lake is in lower Val Canali and can be reached through the Passo Cereda highroad, and the road that leads to the Rifugio Cant del Gal, m. 1160, from Val Canali.

To the Piereni
In this wooded area there are two Rifugio-Hotel, the Petina, which can be reached from Siror through the Noselàri road (sign n. 45; 1,45 hours), or, by car, from Tonadico through the asphalted Busa del Belvedere and Malga Strina. The Chàlet Piereni can be reached through an asphalted road both from Ponte Piazmàdor, and Cant dei Gai.

To Malga Canali, Pedemonte back to Piereni: 2,30-3,00 hours
From Cant del Gal, go uphill along the asphalted road to Val Canali, and reach the car park; turn left and reach Malga Canali; then continue till Pedemonte/La Portèla junction along the marked path.
Turn left and enter a path among the stones. Enter the wood and descend to Fosne from where you turn into the asphalted road to Piereni.

Climb to Rifugio Treviso, and back through the "Tròi de I Todesch": 2,30-3,00 hours; sign n. 707-718
From Cant del Gal the road continue to Val Canali, then reach the Pian de le Lede. Now, in about 45 minutes, reach the Rifugio, which offers 35 beds and is open all the summer long till September.
From the Rifugio continue along the path n. 718 (High Route n. 2) till you arrive to a little valley in the presence of the Cima d'Oltro. Leave the path and go towards right (red signs) to the car

Difficulty: Medium
Max Altitude: 1160
Duration: 03:00 hours

Suggested hotels