The Lakes of Auronzo and Misurina

Lake of Auronzo. It occupies the lower part of the Val D'Ansei, lengthening in front of Auronzo village. Along its northern shore, the S.S. 48 bis Dolomites highroad runs, crossing the village towards Misurina and Cortina. Two bridges cross it and several roads run along it.

Walks around Lake Auronzo

To the old blende mines | 4-5 hours
You must leave from Villagrande, and through via Tarin climb to a junction. Turn left into the "Crepa Marcia", sign n. 11. At the second junction enter the path n. 10 which ends where the n. 125 starts. At 1350 m turn right and go straight ahead as far as you reach Pian de Barco mine. Descend along the same outward journey.

Climb to Monte Agudo | 6 hours
From Orsolina enter into Val da Rin, and continue as far as Chalet Primula; cross the river and turn into the path n. 299. Continue as far as you will get out of the ski track descending from Monte Agudo, and then, along this track, arrive to the snack bar.Then you will have to follow the path n. 271 as far as it meets the n. 262, which leads to Forcella Bassa. From here, turn right and descend to Val Poorse and then to the Chalet Primula. You can enjoy a wonderful sight on the Marmarole and the other Dolomites.

To Namòs plains | 2,30 hours
By Santa Caterina Church a road climbs through Val Debba. After few metres, turn into the path n. 18 that leads to Fontanabona mountain pasture. As you reach the top of the plains enter the path 19 to come back.

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