Brenta Dolomites

The Brenta Dolomites are one of the nine Dolomite groups recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, included in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and home to a small community of brown bears. This group belongs to the Rhaetian Alps and is located in the western part of the province of Trento, between Val di Non, Val di Sole, Valli Giudicarie and Val Rendena. For more than a century, thanks to their conformation made up of spires and towers, they have been a paradise for excursionists and mountaineers: there are many paths, vie ferrate, climbs and refuges at high altitude. In winter, they turn into a popular ski area, the Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Val di Sole Val Rendena.

The Brenta Dolomites extend for about 40 km in a north-south direction and 12 km from east to west. They are enclosed to the north by the Val di Sole, to the south by the Valli Giudicarie, to the east by the Val di Non, Lake Molveno and the Paganella plateau, and to the west by the Val Rendena. There are many famous resorts within the group: Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Dimaro, Cles, Molveno, Andalo, San Lorenzo in Banale, Folgarida, Marilleva...

The Brenta Dolomites are characterised by striking rock towers and particularly fascinating natural scenery. The group is divided into three parts: the central part, the most frequented, with access from Molveno and Madonna di Campiglio; the southern part, interesting from a naturalistic point of view, frequented above all in summer and the northern part, home to a small colony of brown bears.

There are eight peaks over 3000 metres and many over 2500 metres. Among the most famous are Cima Tosa (3,173 m), Cima Brenta (3,151 m), Crozzon di Brenta (3,118), Cima Ambiez (3,102 m), Torre di Brenta (3,008 m), Campanile Alto (2,937 m) and Cima Grosté (2,901 m). There are also numerous lakes in the area, including Molveno lake, the largest, Tovel lake, once known for the red colour of its water, and other smaller alpine lakes, such as Valagola lake in Val d'Agola, Lake Durigat at the Peller refuge, and Lake delle Salare at Passo della Nana.

The Brenta Dolomites in summer: hiking, mountain biking and climbing

For more than a century they have been a destination for mountaineers and excursionists, a paradise for lovers of mountain activities: they are a perfect environment for high altitude trekking and climbing. They offer ascents, equipped routes and paths. The entire Brenta Dolomites group is well served by numerous refuges.

Among the most famous routes and itineraries are the suggestive "Via delle Bocchette", a spectacular via ferrata, the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike and the Dolomiti di Brenta Trek, two projects for bikers and hikers, and some special routes, such as the Giro del Monte Peller, the Giro delle Malghe in Val di Tovel, Pian della Nana and the Val di Nana, the Malga Tuena and the Brenta Settentrionale, the Malga Flavona.

The Brenta Dolomites in winter

In winter the Brenta Dolomites turn into a well-equipped ski area offering 150 km of slopes connecting Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida, Marilleva and Pinzolo. Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Val di Sole Val Rendena is the largest ski area in Trentino with 100 slopes, 4 snowparks, night skiing and 57 lifts.

Brenta Dolomites: how to get there

There are 4 ways to reach the Brenta Dolomites:

  • From the Paganella Plateau, from Molveno where you can easily reach the Pedrotti refuge
  • From Val Rendena to Vallesinella, in the municipality of Madonna di Campiglio, or with the lifts to Passo Grosté, or from S. Antonio di Mavignola
  • From the Giudicarie, in Val d'Ambiez from San Lorenzo in Banale from where you can reach the Agostini refuge and from Val d'Algone to reach the Dodici Apostoli refuge.
  • From Val di Non: by car from Val di Tovel or from Cles to the Peller hut.

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