The Matòci Carnival

Event date 22-02-2020

The Matòci Carnival in Valfloriana, in the Val di Fiemme valley, is one of the oldest Carnivals in Trentino. It is characterized by many symbolic meanings, and its wonderful facère (wooden masks all different from one another) are precious works of art, really worth seeing. The event takes place on 22 February 2020.

The celebrations include six kinds of characters: Matòci, Arlecchini, Sonatori (music players), Bèla (beauty), Sposi (husband and wife) and Paiàci (clowns). These masked characters wearing multi-colored costumes form a merry parade moving from village to village and reenacting the old tradition of bridal processions. The group is guided by the Matòci, symbolizing the strangers, who are interrogated as they enter in each village: as they answer they have to disguise their voice and do their best in order not to be recognized.

Meanwhile, the Paiàci liven up the parade staging events of the village life. The festivities end in Casatta with a masked ball.

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