Rifugio Silvio Dorigoni m. 2437

  • Itinerary description: Among prairies and waterfalls in the heart of the Stelvio National Park.
  • Area: Stelvio National Park

Itinerary A)

  • Starting point and Arrival:Piazzola Frazione Somrabbi
  • Uphill and Downhill difference in height: 1088 m.
  • Duration: 1 or 2 days.

Itinerary B)

  • Starting point and Arrival: Piazzola (1315 m.)
  • Uphill and Downhill difference in height: 1635 m. - 1122 m.
  • Duration: 3 days.


First stage: From Piazzola hamlet go towards Somrabbi, along the passable road, till the Rifugio-Hotel Fontanino in Coler and from here to Malga Stablasolo car park (about 5 km) From Malga Stablasolo (1539 m.) go uphill the path n. 106 to Dosso della Croce (1796 m.), then to Prà di Saènt and eventually to Rifugio Dorigoni.
Second Stage: From Rifugio Dorigoni go downhill the path n. 128 to Rifugio Campisol (2123 m.); from here to Malga Stablasolo (restaurant service is available here) through Malga Stablet, along the path n. 106, and eventually back to Somrabbi - Piazzola along the outward journey.


First stage: From Piazzola hamlet go uphill to Cavallar where you Through Malga Paludè/Caldesa Bassa (1832 m) and M.ga Paludè/Caldesa Alta or climbing the steep riverbed of the stream Val Lago Corvo you will arrive to the homonymous Rifugio, where you can overnight. It would be worth it a visit to the nearby lakes "Laghi Corvo", in which waters the rare "Alpine salmerino" lives.
Second Stage: From Rifugio Lago Corvo, climb gradually along the path n. 145 to the peak of Monte Collecchio (2954 m.), walking through valleys and screes. From here you can observe the high valley of Saént. Then descend to Passo del Giogo Nero (2825 m.). From here, along the path n. 107, continue to Rifugio S. Dorigoni al Saènt, where the second stage ends.
Third stage: From Rifugio Dorigoni enter the path n. 106 and go downhill through the Alpine prairies, which are the testimony of the old glaciers, first to Prà di Saènt, then, after you climb to back to Dosso della Croce, to the lower Malga di Stablasolo (restaurant service is available here). You can go back along the road (about 5 km) to Piazzola where the journey ends.