The Egetmann parade

Event date 21-02-2023

During the Carnival of Termeno you have the chance to watch the amusing historical reenactment of a peasant wedding: the Egetmann race, taking place on Mardi Gras in odd numbered years: this year it will be the 21 February 2023. It is one of the most ancient events of Tyrol and features several different characters - only men, almost all painted in black and wearing no masks, each one playing a specific role.

The most important characters are: the Egetmannhansl, a black dressed mannequin; the savage, a demon wearing a rabbit fur mask; the Schnappvieh, a crocodile without ears representing winter; the Burgl and Burgltreiber, a man and a woman chasing each other and symbolizing the banishment of winter.

These historical characters are followed by more modern masks and Carnival floats making fun of events of local and international politics.

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