Honey, does not pay only greediness thanks to its sweet fruit flavour which smells like the flowers, but is also a precious ally of your health. Very rich in vitamins, mineral salts and other elements which can stimulate the vital organic strenght; moreover it has been used as a medicine by the inhabitants of the mountain valleys since always. Composition and properties of honey varies according to the plants from which it has been produced. In the Dolomitic area you can find rare honey with extraordinary characteristics. Silver fir honey, with its black-greenish colour and its aromatic flavour is an excellent lung antiseptic and can be used in case of flu, cold and for any respiratory inflammation.

Rhododendron honey rare and much sought-after for its deliciousness. Rhododendron flower has particular elements which gives the honey tonic and abstringent properties: it can be used to give relief to mouth and throat.
With honey you an obtain excellent drinks such as hydromel with wood honey, against insomnia and nervous tension, pouring three spoons of honey and an orange skin in a glass of warm water, or the honey vin brulé, bioiling a glass of red wine with five cloves, a piece of cinnamon and two spoons of honey.