#albeinmalga: mountain pastures built for families

For those who love the mountains and want to discover the joys of alpinism in an unusual way during the summer months, there is #albeinmalga.

Designed for big and small, this initiative allows you to get to know the pastoral environment and enhanced activities related to the pastures and cheese-making process, for a 360 degree experience. It’s not tourism, but light hiking, sharing, and live-in activities linked to the territory.
What happens at #albeinmalga is not pre-packaged; it is a real insight into daily happenings in the mountain huts of the Dolomites.
Thirty shelters are involved in this initiative, thanks to the APT Trento, Monte Bondone, and Valle dei Laghi, and coordinated by the Wine and flavour roads of Trentino, Tourism companies, and the Tourist Consortia.

#Albeinmalga is designed for families, so that they may experience the labours and environment behind the manufacturing of alpine cheeses of the Dolomites.

How does #albeinmalga work?

How does the malga (alpine pasture) initiative work? Two formats: in both cases the alarm goes off very early.

Rise and shine is at 5 am and, if you weren’t sleeping in the pastures, you will hike to the hut and firstly admire a beautiful sunrise. Immediately after you’ll begin your alpine activities, participating in the milking or the creation of a typical alpine cheese, assisting the farmer and tasting the fresh milk.

A hearty and healthy breakfast, made up of products from the pastures, with eggs, cold meats, jams and homemade breads, and inevitably cheese, is the second leg of #albeinmalga, before facing a bit of hiking. For the remaining duration of the morning, for those who wish to, a hike to discover the secrets of different tree species of the Dolomites and enjoy the scenery, accompanied by a local guide.

When does #albeinmalga take place?

#Albeinmalga takes place in the months of July, August, and September, on Fridays and Saturdays at sunrise. For your comfort, it is recommended you wear suitable mountain clothing and/or outdoor life, with waterproof hiking boots and accessories, even for children. Participants usually range from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 30 people, with reservations required.

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