Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage is a perfect treatment against cellulite. It is a manual massage performed with gentle and slow circular strokes guiding excess liquids towards the lymph nodes, where they are eliminated. Moreover, this massage eases pain and improves tissue nourishing.

Most women suffer from cellulite, misshapen fat on specific areas of the body manifesting itself with uneven, dimply and wrinkled skin. Cellulite exerts pressure on blood vessels and capillaries and is caused by bad metabolism and a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity helps fighting it, but for a more effective action against cellulite, lymphatic drainage or manual lymphatic drainage is a perfect solution: this treatment in fact helps eliminating excess liquids and relaxes the muscle fibers.

This massage must be performed by experts who know exactly how much pressure to exert on tissues and the direction of the strokes to help lymphatic circulation. Moreover, during a session you shouldn't feel pain or see redness on the treated areas.

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