Marcialonga of Fiemme and Fassa: cross-country skiing granfondo

Event date 28-01-2024

The cross-country ski race par excellence: the Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa. A long-awaited event that returns on the last weekend of January.

The Granfondo di sci Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa will start on Sunday 28th January 2024 for its 51th edition. The 70 km route is the historical one, starting from Moena to Cavalese, passing through villages and woods of the Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme.

For the 50th edition, in Molina di Fiemme there will be a variation of the route that will take the competitors into the centre of the village, then back towards the waterfall where there will be the biggest novelty, the 'Mur del la Stria'.

The event also includes the Marcialonga Light, a 45 km route from Moena to Predazzo, using the classic technique.

The Marcialonga event is also made up of other side events always dedicated to cross-country skiing. Not to be missed are the Lavazeloppet, the Marcialonga Baby, the Marcialonga Story, the minimarcialonga, the Marcialonga Stars and the Marcialonga Young.

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