Christmas Market in Rango and Canale di Tenno

Event date from: 18-11-2023 to: 31-12-2023

From the 18th November to the 31th of December, the valleys and squares of the charming village of Rango in Bleggio Superiore, a few kilometers away from the spa resort of Terme di Comano, changes into a beautiful snow covered nativity scene. All the inhabitants take part to the organization of the Christmas Market, set in the cottages and in the courtyards. Songs played with traditional instruments contribute to create a true Christmas atmosphere. 

Handicrafts and foods are the main products sold in the Christmas Market of Rango in Bleggio Superiore, whereas the eldest farmers bring to the fore ancient and almost forgotten jobs and jesters, musicians and jugglers create a festive and fairy-like atmosphere. From the doors of the taverns, an inviting scentof caffè d'orzo (hot malt drink resembling coffee) and mulled wine comes out.

A few km away from Rango in Bleggio Superiore one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy, Canale di Tenno, hosts its own Christmas Market, where you can try a local specialty: the carne salada (salted meat), served cooked or raw with oil seasoned beans. There will be also many side events, with Christmas music and shows for children and adults. 

Our tips: visit both markets of Rango in Bleggio Superiore and Canale di Tenno and punch the card, you will receive a nice gift!

Additional information: APT Comano, (+39) 0465 702626

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