Puez-Odle Nature Park

Established in 1977, this park covers the Odle, Puez and Putia groups, that is, the North-Western corner of the Dolomites, overlooking the Eisack valley, and Brixen: its southern limit is the Groden valley, to the East the Abtei valley.
So, each centre and village along these valleys is as good as any starting point, plus the villages of the Villnoss valley. Tall mountains emerge here: the Sass Rigais reaches 3025 m, and there is also a huge rocky barren plateau, the Gardenàcia. Above Corvara stands the magnificent pillar of the Sass Sòngher.
From the top of the easy to reach Putia/Peitlerkofel, at m 2874, with a good binocular you may be able to spot the bell towers of 449 churches! Among the other places to visit, we would like to name the characteristic "mill valley" near Kampill/Longiarù, and the smooth pastures of Cisles.

The Park is very interesting thanks to its beautiful landscape. The vegetation is rich in rare species, sich as the dwarf rhododendrom, the artemisia and the devil's hook. The fauna presents marmots, buffs and deers, and we can furthermore admire the golden eagle and the snow-grouse.

Puez-Odle Nature Park visitor center
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