Carnival in Arco

Event date from: 27-02-2022 to: 06-03-2022

Colors, masks and fun. From the 27 Febraury to 6 March 2022 Arco turns to Arcoland, a paradise for children, with music and shows. Clowns, acrobats and jugglers will liven up the village streets, while adults will be entertained with concerts, tastings and masked parties.

According to the written sources, the Carnival tradition of the city dates back to the 15 century. Anyway, the present celebrations have to be traced back to 1876, a time where tourism was thriving in the area. Arco was frequently visited by the Habsburg family, and in particular by Emperor Francis Joseph, who chose the city as his winter residence.

The celebrations (characterized by elegant balls and society events) were prohibited by the Austrian authorities in 1912 and revived in the 60s, and this tradition is still alive and handed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, the Habsburg Carnival gives you the chance to experience the atmosphere of the end of the 19 century both in its popular aspects, with the reenactment of old crafts and the Carnival floats, and in its elegant and exclusive events, with concerts, dinners and costume balls in the elegant rooms of the casino.

In these last years, another Carnival is celebrated in Arco, which is dedicated to children: Carnevalarco offers a very rich program, with many activities: inflatables and entertainment shows will turn the city into a big playground!

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