Tour of the Braies lake

Lake Braies, World Heritage Site, is located north of the Fanes-Senes-Braies. It's famous for the color of its waters, from turquoise with light emerald green shades and for its position at the bottom of the valley of Braies. The lake is a natural mountain lake, formed as a result of a landslide, and each year is appsasionati meta hikers, cyclists and relaxation lovers who want to spend a beautiful day on its banks. Very nice and easy, fit right at all, it is the turn of Lake Braies.

Down the Pragsertal there are three parking fee. The tour starts you can Pragser Wildsee near the hotel and almost immediately see, on stilts over the water a boat rental. From here the path along the lake is characterized by a slightly narrower path, from where you can see the lake in all its length. There are many areas where you can stop. The path to this point is moving away from the shore, and winds its way through the trees, until you reach a picnic area with benches and tables, ideal to stop and have lunch.

After the break, began the most beautiful stretch of the path, which becomes more narrow, meandering along a vertical rock wall asunder toward the lake. As it approached the southern shores of the lake, the trail climbs and then descends back down to the lake and beaches. Leaving behind the beaches, the path becomes wider again. From the west coast you can see the path just path, carved into the rock. From here you return to the starting point, the Pragser Wildsee.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.6 km
Duration: 01:30 hours
Difference in altitude: 93 m