Passo San Pellegrino - Fuciade Hut

To start the itinerary you have to reach Passo San Pellegrino, at 1,919 m. You can arrive from Moena, in Trentino, or from Falcade, in Veneto. The San Pellegrino Pass is also easily accessible by public transport.

Leave your car near the car park of Hotel Miralago. To reach it, take the State Road 346 of Passo San Pellegrino and arrive at an overpass of the track, you enter on the left (coming from Moena) on the paved road that leads to the parking lot.

From here a flat dirt road allows you to reach the basin of Fuciade, spectacular limestone amphitheater dominated by majestic peaks (Sas de l'Om, Jigolé, Sas de Valfreida) particularly interesting from the botanical point of view for the presence of plants and flowers in part exclusive of this area.

After an hour of walking, the itinerary ends at Fuciade hut (1,972 m).

You return along the same path.

Departure: Passo San Pellegrino (Moena)
Arrival: Fuciade hut (1,972 m)

Walkable with strollers / Suitable for families with children / Walkable with child carrier backpack 
Type: unpaved 
Itinerary length: 1 hour

Difficulty: Beginner
Length: 3.6 km
Duration: 01:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 138 m

Hotel Passo San Pellegrino and environs