Mount Elmo for children

The Dolomites offer a perfect location for activities with children. Trekking is a great way to be immersed in nature and to discover its beauty. To make the experience unforgettable, go gnome hunting in malga for children.

Monte Elmo is situated in the holiday region Three Peaks/3 Zinnen in the Dolomites, in the Eastern part of Alto Adige and comprises the townships of Sesto, San Candido, Dobbiaco, Villabassa, and Braies. Also known by the moniker “Land of the Three Peaks,” it is in fact famous for the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009.

Renowned for its trekking trails of varying difficulty, Mount Elmo is a destination for family hikes, not only for walks, but also for its breathtaking panoramas it offers along its length, accessible via a cable car situated in Sesto.

The children's’ malga on Mount Elmo

For the little ones, however, there is a special track that leads to the Children’s Malga. On Mount Elmo, in fact, lies a miniature alpine village, with a faithful reproduction of a child-size farm; created as a playground and designed to teach small children the experience of mountain life. At first glance it would appear that Snow White's seven dwarfs or forest gnomes have stepped outside their homes.

Completely built of wood, the alpine summer houses (malghe) are furnished like real houses, with benches, wardrobes, and accessories, as well as a miniature bed with a red duvet. To top it all off, the outside contains farm animals to pet and care for and learn about their habits and way of life.

Inaugurated in 2014, the Children’s Alpine House (malga) is situated near other interesting activities, designed with kids in mind, such as the fairytale path.

Fairytale Path on Mount Elmo

From the Forest Chapel to the Hunter’s Den, Mount Elmo also offers hiking, including the Fairytale Path.

A magical place, immersed in the greenest of sceneries, dedicated to children, it extends from Sesto towards Mount Elmo. A double itinerary: on one side a biblical path, on the other a path for children inspired by fairytales. Here, along the path, there are special statues with roots, carved into the bark of trees, and inspired by the characters in fairy tales and traditions: a root becomes a face; a tree trunk becomes a body. Fantasy and nature are melded with delightful results.

Olperl Park on Mount Elmo

Mount Elmo also offers a very special place, designed for children: Olperl Park. Opened last September, it offers a simple path designed for families, with a circular length, which is also suitable for strollers.

Located by the arrival station of the cable car, this space has families in mind, letting them discover nature and Alpine environments by means of a walking path (try it barefooted) that starts and ends at Ristorante Monte Elmo.

The Olperl Park is divided into a series of panoramic overlooks where adults and children can come into contact with the flora and fauna of the Dolomites.

The 10 themed stops that run the 1.5 km length of the path are marked by the Olperl guide, a character featured in local folklore, similar to a sprite, a friend of animals, but prone to mischief!