A journey to discover 3 castles in Trentino

25 May 2021

When you find yourself with so much time on your hands, it seems difficult to get through it. An easy and fun way, and done in the company of your children, is to organise a short trip or excursion out of town.

If you are thinking about what you can do during a holiday in Trentino, then we recommend visiting 3 wonderful castles which, in addition to their fortified walls, offer activities for children, exhibitions, traditional Trentino gourmet dishes and a panoramic view of mountains, lakes and vineyards.

Dolomiti.it recommends visiting: Buonconsiglio Castle, Toblino Castle and Avio Castle.

Buonconsiglio Castle

The Buonconsiglio Castle is certainly one of the symbolic monuments of the city of Trento. It is one of the most important urban fortified complexes in Italy. It was also the sumptuous residence of the prince-bishops. The inner walls of the castle are an important treasure chest of culture and Italian history. In fact, its rooms house the Museum of Monuments, the Museum of Provincial Collections, the Trento History Museum and the Archaeological Protection offices.

During the year the fortress of Trento hosts various exhibitions, while the summer in the city offers the Vigil Celebrations, an event that aims to rediscover fragments of the Renaissance era and the period of the Council of Trent with palio challenges, costume parades, skill tests on rafts and other shows for adults and children.

Toblino Castle

Toblino Castle is a lakeside fortification overlooking the waters of the lake of the same name, in the Valle dei Laghi area of Trentino. Built on a rocky spur that broke away from the mountain above and ended up in the lake, it is remembered in many romantic legends, such as the one that says that on full moon nights the restless spirits of two characters linked to the history of the castle, who drowned in the lake, still hover on the surface of the lake.

Guided tours and other activities such as events, meetings or celebrations can be organised in the ancient stables and in the Volkestein room, as well as workshops, treasure hunts, medieval dances and theme days for children. The Toblino Castle also has a restaurant with elegant rooms, traditional Trentino dishes and a well-stocked wine cellar with around 400 national labels.

Avio Castle

Last but not least is the Castle of Avio or Sabbionara located in Sabbionara d'Avio in the area of Rovereto - Vallagarina in Trentino. It stands on the top of a spur of Monte Vignola and dominates from above the Val Lagarina and the village of Avio. A visit to the historic fortress near Rovereto is of considerable interest from an architectural, artistic and landscape point of view. Enclosed within its three sets of crenellated walls are an 11th century keep, five towers, including the Picadora tower, where death sentences were carried out in the past, the Baron's Palace, the House of the Guards, the Chapel and the Chamber of Love containing a cycle of frescoes.

Activities are also held here for families with children, with play paths to discover the history, characters and architecture of the Castle in an engaging way, often enriched by animations, shows and workshops. In addition, it leads to the discovery of the adventures of ladies and knights, with performances in medieval costumes and skill tests to become knights.

During the summer, the castle hosts the FAI Summer Evenings, with special candlelight visits, live music concerts, dance and theatre shows and performances, open-air cinema, astronomical observations, dinners and aperitifs. During the Christmas period, inside the walls, the traditional Christmas Markets are held with representations of ancient crafts.

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