Climbing on Marmolada

Marmolada Group - it's a huge group. We can distinguish the following principal areas:
In the area of Fedàia modern ways have been opened, but here there's also the frightening via Mariacher on Sasso delle Undici (VII+).

Demanding ways are to be found also on the very high Roda del Mulòn (Vernèl).

The big south wall of Marmolada offers more than 90 ways, all demanding and very famous. Some examples: starting point is the attended Rifugio Falier (access from Malga Ciapèla): check the cable way timetables for the last run!

Punta Penìa, via Soldà (VI+), Micheluzzi pillar (VI) and classic way (IV, 650 m);there's also via Messner or dei Sudtirolesi (VI-VII).

Punta di Rocca, vie Gogna (VI and VII), Vinatzer (likewise)

Marmolada di Ombretta: vie Castiglioni (IV) and then (all VI and more!): through Pesce, Ali Baba, Zulum Babalum, Tempi Moderni, Don Chisciotte, Sancho Panza, Schwalbenschwanz, Futura, Ideale, Abrakadabra, etc. etc. Much less attended on the other hand the really difficult ways on the Piz Seràuta sector.

Over Val del Biòis there are Cime dell'Auta: at least one way is worthy being repeated, the Tissi (V); from Valfreda, on the road to Passo di San Pellegrino, you can climb the lonely Torre del Formentòn (via Murer, V).