Rifugio Peller m. 2022

  • Itinerary description: Interesting itinerary, among thick woods and pastures, for its varied landscapes and its environment and flora. Starting point for excursions in the northern Brenta Group.
  • Area: northern Brenta Group
  • Starting point and Arrival: Malè (Regazzini hamlet) 764 m. - Carciato di Dimaro 776 m. (alternative arrival at Malè - Regazzini)
  • Uphill and Downhill difference in height: 1556 m. - 1544 m.
  • Duration: 2 days

First stage: From Malè - Regazzini hamlet the paths n 308 and 374 wind. Enter the n 374 on the left; cross the stream "La Val" and continue to Rifugio Mezol (1485 m - 2 hours), along the comfortable mule track, which often cross the passable road from Molini di Terzolas and leads to the Rifugio too. From Rifugio Mezol, equipped as a bivouac too, two paths wind. The first climbs on the right, along the path n. 308 bis, and at "Baite de le Cune" links to the n. 308 and leads to Malga Clesera; whereas the second one (your itinerary) continues along the path n. 374 climbing on the left, partly along the forest road and partly along the path. As you cross the steep wood slope, you reach the pasture below Rifugio Peller; now cross the road from Malga Clesera and reach soon the Rifugio, where you will overnight. From Rifugio Peller, through a steep path, partly equipped, in about 1 hour you can reach the homonymous mount, at 2320 m, from where you can enjoy an extraordinary view.

Second stage: From Rifugio Peller enter the comfortable road which pass near the church of the "Madonna della neve", till Malga Clesera (m. 1889).* From here, turn left into the path n. 308, in the valley of the "Lago delle Salare" (it can be seen only in the first summer months) and you continue to the ex Malga Cavalli (1899 m.). Now descend along the path n. 335 towards Dimaro, through the wild Valle dei Cavalli till Carciato. The return to Malè can be done by public means of transport or by your own.

* NB: From Malga Clesera it is possible to go quickly back to Malè - Regazzini, starting point of this journey, along the path n. 308, through Prà della Selva.