San Romedio Sanctuary

San Romedio Sanctuary is in Trentino, plunged in the wild nature of Val di Non, inhabited by roes and roe deers.
The halo of mystery and sanctity around San Romedio, the architecture of the Sanctuary and its particular setting make this place enchanted and fairy.
The Sanctuary lies on a rock 90 m tall and consists several churches and chapels that follow the orography of the rock and are linked together by a steep staircase of 131 steps.
The buildings have been built in different periods. The oldest one is dated back to 1000 A.D. and lies upon the grave of the hermit Romedio.
The whole complex consists of 5 churches:
the Addolorata Church, built as thanksgiving for the peace after the First World War,
the Church of S. Giorgio built in 1489,
the Church of S. Michele built in 1514 ,
the Main Church of S. Romedio built in 1536,
the Old Church , the first one to be built, with the relics of the Saint. In particular the first churches were built on the stones that the first pilgrims brought to the sacred place as a sort of votive offerings. From the first centuries up to now this religious phenomenon lives in many objects that tells the story of accidents, illnesses, dangers offered by everybody and hanged on the stair walls or inside the sanctuary. Full of admiration is the arch at the entry of the Sanctuary, the wooden statue of Saint Romedio with the bear, the Via Crucis, built in 1940, that links San Romedio to the close Cathedral of Sanzeno Martyrs. The suggestive atmosphere you can breathe inside the Sanctuary is linked not only to the beauty of the building, but to the life of San Romedio and the legends about his figure. The life The legends

  • Where The Sanctuary lies in Sanzeno, in Val di Non, Trentino, plunged in the nature, in an enchanted place, one of the most suggestive of the Alps.
  • How to get there San Romedio is in Trentino, in Valle di Non, and to get there you have to leave the Brennero motorway in San Michele all'Adige, and continue along the SS 43 main road in the direction of Cles. As you get to Dermulo junction turn right and after 4 km you will be in Sanzeno. As you get to the square enter the narrow asphalted road that, in 3 km, leads to the Sanctuary car park.
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