Kinds of snowshoes

There are many kinds of snowshoes, which have to be chosen according to the frequency of use, the ratio between body weight and snowshoe size, the kind of itinerary and activity that will be undertaken. Generally, long snowshoes are used in deep snow and on flat grounds, while short and less encumbering poles are suitable for steeper areas.

Following kinds of snowshoes can be found in commerce:

  • TRADITIONAL: these snowshoes feature the most traditional structure and are light and cheap. Their frame is made of wood and aluminum, with an internal latticework on the supporting surface. They are rarely used for hiking and are more suitable for flat surfaces.
  • TEARDROP: these snowshoes are bigger than the traditional, and feature a sort of "tail". They are encumbering, and yet suitable for deep snow. On the other hand, they should be avoided in steep areas or if the snow is very compact. They are equipped with different bindings.
  • MODERN: the most advanced kind of snowshoes, combining the first two models. They are usually made of plastic or alluminum. They are perfect for hiking, due to the semiautomatic or automatic bindings. Anyway, they are normally more expensive.