Lake Popera in Comelico Superiore

Lake Popera It lies in the high Vallòn Popera/Arzalpe, halfway between the Berti Hut (1,950 m) and the Passo della Sentinella (2,717 m) . It is overhanged by a picturesque group of mountains, all belonging to the Popera group.

  • From Padola to the lake of Popera
    A road leads from the village to the Rifugio Lunelli/Selvapiana; from here a comfortable mule track leads to Rifugio Berti. The path n. 101 climbs the deep valley and leads to the lake. Here you will enjoy a wonderful sight on the Pala del Popera, the Croda Rossa and the Cima Undici.
  • From Passo di Monte Croce | 3 hours
    The path n. 124 begins in front of the hotel Passo di Monte Croce and go uphill to a junction. The path then continues on the left, goes under the rocks of the Creston Popera, as far as it enters the channel that leads to the ruins of Rifugio Sala. Continue southwards to Rifugio Berti: from here a mule track leads to the lake.
Length: 3.8 km
Duration: 02:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 574 m

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