Latzfons Cross

The Lazfons Cross is the highest-altitude pilgrimage site in South Tyrol at 2,305 metres on the southern slope of Cima San Cassiano and the oldest religious route in the region. It is home to a small church and the Santa Croce di Lazfons hut, a popular destination for pilgrims and hikers.

Numerous hikes depart from the refuge, one of which is the "Hufeisentour - Alta via nelle Alpi Val Sarentino", a high altitude itinerary in the Val Sarentino Alps to be completed in 7 days.

How to get to Santa Croce di Lazfons Hut?

The starting point is the Kühhof car park above the village of Lazfons. Follow signpost no. 1 in the direction of the Santa Croce di Lazfons, and continue gently uphill to the Klausner Hut at 1,923 m. After the hut, the path becomes steeper until it reaches the start of the 15-station Stations of the Cross. After a 2.30-hour walk, you reach the church and the hut.

The church

Built in neo-Gothic style, it is the highest sanctuary in Europe. In 1700, a cross, representing the crucifix of the Black Christ, originally came from a tomb in Lazfons, stood on its summit. About forty years later, thanks to donations from pilgrims, a small votive chapel was built. A century later, the building was enlarged.

The church still welcomes pilgrims who come to the Shrine of the Cross by way of the Way of the Cross, particularly on 22 July, the feast day dedicated to St Mary Magdalene.

Holy Masses and pilgrimages
In July, August, September and the first two weekends in October, Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 11:00 am.

The most important pilgrimage is the one in which the Black Lord is taken to the Church of the Cross, which always takes place on the penultimate Saturday in June. In mid-October, it is taken back in procession to the parish church, where it remains for the winter.

One week later, on the last Saturday in June (Peter and Paul), the processions of St. Martin and Valdurna take place.

In July, there is another pilgrimage from Scaleres.

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