Ski mountaineering itinerary: Vallavia ascent



Height difference:

600 m



This itinerary starts from the car park in Nevegal and ends at the Refuge Brigata Alpina Cadore.
Starting from the car park in Nevegal, take the track between the Coca slope and the road to Faverghera. This gentle slope takes to a Karst valley (Vallavia). Go on trough the valley floor until you reach an overhang. Swerve to the right and then go back to the left. Go on trough the fir brushwood until you reach the trail nr. 5 to casera Erte.

Follow this trail past the first gorge and turn right until you rich a thick fir wood. Past this wood, you will reach the path of the botanical garden. At 1550 m above sea level you will go out of the forest close to the Faverghera2 ski lift. Now take the Praloz downhill trail taking you to the bottom of the Faverghera ski slope. Go past the ski lift station and descent to the right, close to casera Faverghera, go on on the East face of the Faverghera mountain until you reach the valley. From this point, you will be able to see the refuge Brigata Alpina Cadore.