Fundres high route

This High Route leads from Vipiteno to Brunico - you walk for six days on the paths in the Fundres Alps, always at an altitude over 2,000 metres. You should be well trained, be an experienced hiker, have suitable mountain equipment and be able to make good going.
You should not suffer from vertigo; we recommend to be in condition - these are the essential requirements to face this itinerary. If you like high altitudes, quiet wide landscapes and breathtaking views, this is right up your High Route.
On the way there are few refuges and the hike, in this lonely lane, becomes adventurous.
Finally, do not forget suitable mountain clothes (and change, as well as waterproof and warm clothing), good trekking boots, sleeping bag, trail map, compass and any attachment your hiking experience can suggest.

1st Day
Leave Vipiteno railway station on foot and continue in the direction of Wiesen (960 m.). At Wiesner Hof the road becomes steeper and is later replaced with a path that winds in the meadows and in the wood. Then you reach the Hut Plitschalm (1620 m.). Continue to Trens mountain ridge/ Höllenkragen (2000 m). Past Passo di Trens, two different paths lead to Hut Simile Mahdalm, i.e. today's destination: the trail situated on the left, the longest one, goes by Cima Sengas/ Senges Spitze.

2nd Day
From the Hut Simile Mahdalm you ascent to the so-called "Lago Selvaggio" going by Senges (2620 m.). Then continue to the top of Picco della Croce/Sterzinger Hütte (3132 m.), and meet the cosy Refuge Bressanone (2334 m.). 

3rd Day
From the Refuge Bressanone walk northwards. Hiking from valley to valley, you reach the Bivouac Brenninger. Leaving from the Refuge Bressanone you set off for the following cols: Steinkarlscharte (2610 m.), Kellerscharte (2348 m.) and Dannelscharte (2437 m). The track winds on snowy slopes and goes through a glacial valley. The Bivouac Brenninger seems far away but then, suddenly, after some rope passages, it suddenly comes into sight. The hut is not bad - an old restored hut. Here you find a coal stove and, above all, a gas bottle and the tableware. 

4th Day
Leave the Bivouac Brenninger and follow the challenging trail on the rocks, as far as you get to the col Geisscharte (2752 m.). Here you take a short, (about 30 m.-long) via ferrata - an exciting experience, expecially for those who did not try any via ferrata, yet. After that you get to the Refuge Ponte di Ghiaccio (2545 m.). This beautiful refuge has stayed the same as in the past: a little pleasant hut with the original wooden floor. Here you can consult many books concerning these mountains. 

5th Day
From the Refuge Ponte di Ghiaccio to the Refuge Lago della Pausa /Tiefrasten. This tract is the most interesting from the naturalistic point of view (you can admire many beautiful plants in bloom) - but the dullest at the same time, as the it is very long, flat and never changes (it takes 6 ½ hours' walk at least).

6th Day

The last route winds between the Val Selva dei Molini and Val Pusteria, round the Fundres Mountains. A steep trail goes through La Portella meadows (2374 m). The enchanting view on the Aurine Alps can be admired for a long tract, as far as you get to the Mount Sommo. Then continue east: in front of you there are more peaks, such as the Hohen Spitze (2403 m.), Cima Dodici (2351 m.), the Cime di Pozzo (2387 m.), Lago Verde/Grünseespitze (2438 m.) and finally the Bärentalerspitze (2450 m). From Lago Verde you can follow the track that leads to Chienes or to Issingo. Descending the Bärentalerspitze, instead, you reach Geigeralm, going by Platten and Falzes. Enjoy one week and immerse yourself in nature!

This route is challenging but offers wonderful panoramas on the way: long flat trails, crests and breathtaking will give you new emotions.

Difficulty: Degree EE = experienced hikers
Length: 64 km
Duration: 01:00 hours

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