Curiosity and insights on the Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol, Bellunese and Friuli

Wine and food tour in the Bellunese

To fully appreciate the places in which you choose to spend your holidays, you should do more than just admire the beautiful landscapes: try for example enjoying the fragrances coming from a

Maize and polenta

...Columbus' discovery

Besides the disputes, the real fact is that Columbus' discovery had, first of all, the merit of making the most of the New World potential, and starting the

Picnic areas in the Bellunese

The picnic areas in the Bellunese include built-in grills and picnic tables with benches. The facilities blend beautifully with the landscape and are at the disposal of all visitors who want

Protected Areas and Natural Parks in the Province of Belluno

In the Province of Belluno there are around 15 protected areas including National Parks and National Reserves. Specifically there are:

- National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi, kmq 320
- Natural

Cross-country skiing in Val di Zoldo

Val di Zoldo offers the best of the several skiing disciplines, with tracks and structures which attract every winter, and increasing number of ski lovers.

About 30 Km of tracks, one of which

Ski mountaineering in Val Zoldana

If you choose Zoldo as the destination for your winter holidays, you will have at your disposal wonderful ski mountaineering tours: Vant dele Sasse, starting from Pralongo, the eastern side of

The Civetta Group

The Civetta Group is one of the most famous mountains in the Dolomites (its main peak is 3220 m high): its northern face towers over Alleghe and is well known to mountain climbers from all

Climbing in the Dolomites Bellunese

A short and modest practice wall for the training periods is that of "sassi delle Masière" of Mas, with different difficulties. Here there is also a boulder area. It is not so attended and the

Climbing in Zoldano

Group of Spiz de Mezodì: over Forno di Zoldo , South of the village. You can choose Rifugio Angelini in Sora 'l Sass as base for short climbs or for the famous "Viàz del Gonèla", or Bivacco

The Pelmo in the Belluno Dolomites

Pelmo is one of most well-known and loved destination of the Bellunesi Dolomites, between Val di Zoldo, Valle Boite and Selva di Cadore.

Known as "caregon de 'l Padreterno", for the singular

The villas in the prealpine landscape in the province of Belluno

The peculiarity of villas in the Bellunese territory lies in the fact that they had been adapted to the surrounding environment and to the activities connected to the territory itself.

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