Bread of the Dolomites

The Dolomitic area still conts several varieties of bread, all characterized by their own history and geographical origin. In the Ampezzo valleys, for example, several varieties of Breatl and Schuttelbrot, the well-known "pucce", soft or dry, which goes with soups and speck.
Rye is the most spread cereal in the Dolomites: thanks to its resistance and adaptability to Dolomitic climate and ground, in fact it does not need any particular care. Since the IX century, in fact, rye has been present in the Dolomites as infesting plants. It countains precious vitamins, such as the B complex and essential minerals for men. And thebread of the Dolomitic valleys is made with mixtures of rye flours.
And it will be very difficult to choose among the several verieties of local bread when you enter in a baker's: tasty rye French sticks, dusted with sesame or poppy seeds, soft round loaves with spices and flax seeds, or loaves with pumpkin seeds or with several cereals, wholemeal or spelt Breatl.