San Michele all'Adige between modernity and tradition

The beautiful hamlet of San Michele all'Adige lies in the Piana Rotaliana plain and was built during the Roman Empire to control the ancient Via Claudia Augusta, an extremely important communication route between the Latin and the Germanic world.

Today it is a renowned wine growing and wine producing center featuring the Istituto Agrario di San Michele, an agricultural institute at the forefront of research and training in the fields of agriculture, nourishment and environment. If the institute, recognized at a national and international level for the many achievements in scientific research, represents the modern soul of San Michele all'Adige, we shouldn't forget that this hamlet has ancient origins and that its history is told in the buildings and monuments that embellish it. Definitely worth a visit is the Monreale Castle that, with its peculiar structure due to the many different owners, was the residence of several noble families, from the Appiano to the Counts of Tyrol, the Habsburg and the Rubin. Of importance is also the Monastery of the Augustinians, now hosting the Museo degli Usi e dei Costumi delle Genti Tridentine.

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