Val Canzoi and its nature




17 km

Height difference:

380 m



(Cesiomaggiore and Feltre town councils)

Starting point: Val Canzoi - Sass de Mura farm
Lenght: 17,3 km
Duraton: 1,15 ours
Difficulty: easy
Difference in height: 380 m
Comments: interesting itinerary from the historical, naturalistic and architectonic point of view. Wonderful sight s of the Cimonega Group. At the border of the Nationa Park of the Dolomiti Bellunesi. In Montagne hamlet you will find a typical example of mountain rustic architecture.

From Feltre to Val Canzoni you have to run along the "pedemontana" road towards Cesiomaggiore till Soranzen hamlet, and from here continue to Val Canzoi. The starting point is at the Sass de Mura farm in Val Canzoi. Go downhill towards Soranzen and then, at the junction, follow the excavated road which climbs to Montagne hamlet. After 3,8 km from the starting point you will arrive to Montagne, where the excavated road turns into an asphalted one. Continuing along this panoramic road you will arrive to Arson hamlet. From here go on along the main road and, after a short climb, turn right at the junction following the signs to Lasen.
Once you arrive in the village follow the downhill road which leads to the bell tower, till the Gasperin Serenella farm; and continue the descent on the asphalted road which soon becomes a mule track, sometimes uneven till you reach the asphalted road again. Now turn right and go along the main road, till the village of Villabruna, where you will meet a crossing (at 10,13 km from the starting point). At the crossing turn left towards Cesiomaggiore. Descend to Salgarda, and then climb again till you arrive in Pro Loco Soranzen nearby (on the left). After few metres turn left and follow the signs to Val Canzoi. Enter the valley and continue along the asphalted road ignoring the sign to Bordugo on the left. At the crossing which leads to Montagne, continue along the road you have already run before to go back to agriturismo Sass de Mura, that you will reach after 17,30 km.